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Hintergrund Zitat Cicero "Die Welt ist ein Irrenhaus."
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Autor:  Filip2017 [ 16.04.2017, 08:27 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Hintergrund Zitat Cicero "Die Welt ist ein Irrenhaus."


von Cicero stammen die Worte ""Stultorum plena sunt omnia.", oft übersetzt mit "Die Welt ist ein Irrenhaus."

Ad familiares (Briefe an Freunde) IX, XXII

Mich interessiert, in welchem Zusammenhang Cicero diesen Satz geschrieben hat, also wie er ihn meinte. Wäre super, wenn sich jemand mal den verlinkten Zusammenhang angucken und hier kurz beschreiben könnte, wie Cicero das damals gemeint hat.

Vielen Dank im Voraus!


Autor:  amicus62 [ 16.04.2017, 09:05 ]
Betreff des Beitrags:  Re: Hintergrund Zitat Cicero "Die Welt ist ein Irrenhaus."

Es gibt eine engl. Übersetzung dazu:
The fact is that we introduce obscene meaning into words in themselves pure. For instance, is not the word divisio beyond reproach? Yet in it there is a word (visium or visio, "a stench") which may have an improper meaning, to which the last syllables of the word intercapedo (pedo iripow) correspond. Are we, therefore, to regard these words as obscene? Again, we make a ridiculous distinction: if we say, "So-and—so strangled his father," we don't prefix any apologetic word. But if we use the word of Aurelia or Lollia we must use such an apology. Nay, more, words that are not obscene have come to be considered so. The word "grind," he says, is shameful; much more the word "knead." And yet neither is obscene. The world is full of fools. Testes is quite a respectable word in a Court of law: elsewhere not too much so. Again, "Lanuvinian bags " is a decent phrase; not so "bags" of Cliternum.

Again, can the same thing be at one time decent, at another indecent? Suppose a man to break wind—it is an outrage on decency. Presently he will be in a bath naked, and you will have no fault to find. Here is your Stoic decision—"The wise man will call a spade a spade."
.... ... 4,056:9:22

Es geht um angebliche obszöne Bedeutungen von Wörtern.

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